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7 Jun

Top safari destinations to visit in Kenya

Kenya is a wonderful nation engulfed in an ever-growing infrastructure. It is one of the few nations in the world that cultivates a natural ecosystem where wildlife and infrastructure co-inside. The southern bypass offers motorists a fantastic sight of the Nairobi national park with zebra’s, giraffes and buffalos in sight. Boars and baboons can be found occasionally roaming the sidewalk side by side with bystanders. A scene from a movie…

The nation of Kenya offers touristic travelers a glimpse of true African heritage with her breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and elegance. If you’re looking to embark on a safari in Kenya and experience a true African adventure, then here are some iconic national parks and game reserves in Kenya that you should visit.

#1. Masai Mara
One of the most renowned game parks in Kenya is the Masai Mara. Known for its terrain, wildlife, and home to the seventh wonder of the world. Tourists from all around the globe flock in to witness the spectacular “Wildebeest migration” that occurs annually during the period of July- August. Tourists also get to behold the majestic “famous five” (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo) in their natural habitat.

Masai Mara safari packages are offered from a range of 3 to 6 days respectively. Milimani Backpackers offers a combination package that can be found (here).

#2. Amboseli
The Amboseli national park is home to a variety of subspecies. located in the outskirts of Kenya, Amboseli borders between Kenya and Tanzania. It is a touristic stop for individuals seeking a vigorous game drive experience before crossing the border to Tanzania.

Enjoy the panoramic view of the great mt. Kilimanjaro across the Tanzanian border in a scenic ambiance of tranquility. It is also known for the large herds of elephants, greenery, and serenity, Amboseli is a wonderful safari in Kenya that embodies the wildlife of Africa.

#3. Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru is a gateway of refreshment tarred by its gorgeous scenery. The park is home to a vast number of wildlife species such as rhino’s, buffalos and aquatic creatures such as flamingoes, hippos, and crocodiles. It boasts a vast number of bird species with various flocks and subspecies, making it a sight to behold. The ultimate bird lover’s destination.

Experience breathtaking game drives by the shores of Lake Nakuru as you trail through the rocky escarpments and lush vegetation.

#4. Tsavo East/ Tsavo West
Established in early 1948, Tsavo east and west boasts to be the oldest national park. Home to the legends of the ‘man-eating lions’…Tsavo is the largest national park having been divided into the east and the west region. It records having the largest lava flow record, a spectacular 300 kilometers run.
Marvel at the savannah plains, a volcanic plateau, and semi-arid grounds. With wildlife such as Giraffe’s, Elephant’s, Lion’s, Zebra’s and Wildebeests are common while Leopards, Cheetahs, and Wilddogs are rare to behold making their sight one to relish.

Tourists heading down the coast to the sands of Mombasa integrate Tsavo east into their travel itineraries as a safari in Kenya to visit due to its close proximity to the coast, making it a wonderful combination to experience.

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